BrainForest Digital Animatics

Animatic production the way it should be.

Simple. Within your budget. On-time.

Some of you might be asking: who are you and what have you done with my animatics studio?


We are BrainForest Digital, a virtual animation studio that focuses on the production of animatics. We have over 25 years of animatic production experience that we leverage to make sure your production is perfect.

BrainForest was started by ex-Mad Man, Joe Matamales. Joe worked for 15 years for ad agencies in New York and LA. He's been in your creative shoes and he gets it. So he designed his animatic studio with you in mind by focusing on what is important to you by keeping it simple, working with your budget, and deliver on time.

We work with the best illustrators in the country and provide everything from rough sketches to finished detailed drawings. We produce traditional or vector artwork, and in addition, we produce 3D art and 3D animatics.

We work with the latest Adobe Creative Suite, so our work is always top-notch.

GIF Conventional Art S2.gif

Traditional Art

BFD GIF Vector Art.gif

Vector Art

BFD GIF 3D animaticr1.gif

3D Art

At BrainForest Digital we do it all. From script to finished animatic:

• Create storyboards

• Illustrate characters, elements, and backgrounds

• Produce audio- VOs, music, SFX, mix and lay back

• Output final video to any format

Reach out and let's set up a meeting so you can tell us more about your company, your client, and your animatic needs.

Client List

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